This forum moderators or admins dead???

i maked new topic about my problems,but nobody cant tell me how i can run panda 3d when i have grey window,where i can put some codes that appear 3d window where i can make all of this program.
:angry: i want start this game developing engine nut how pleae help me somebody? :laughing:


As a remark, you received first help within less than 3 hours.

But the main point are:
=> there is no help desk for P3D, we are a community
=>we all use P3D on our free time. So it’s quite normal that you don’t receive much information during business hours (we also need to earn money to live)
=> Meaning Less Title is really a NO Goer for pple to open the post
At least a summary of the issue is expected :slight_smile:
=>the case description help a lot people to decide if they can help you or not.
Like - what you did. what is the error msg or expected information. Where did you already look for information (manual, forum)? did you start by creating your own code or by modifing the samples code…

Note: This remarks are my own remarks, it’s is not an official answer from the P3D Team, the forum administrators, or the P3D community…

:cry: :cry: :cry:
yes i maked all it opened grey window BUT ineed open 3d and script writer after that :cry: where i can do it?tell me just how start program.where i can put scripts

If you want an answer to that, start by just asking it once, and not be so impatient you start creating multiple topics.

I’ve already answered your question at the other topic, and I’m not going to answer it here as well.