Thirdparty dir missing?

Where can I find the /thirdparty dir for CVS?
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VC++ Express points me to, but I get a 404?

on the download page. Part 2 of 3 for the Piecewise downloads.

Note that you will need to get a fresh copy of ffmpeg to replace what is in the third party tools, though…

There is no information about this on the new download page. I suggest it is a good idea to ‘mention’ this dir on the download page.

I have no clue at all where to get it. How do you guys compile it while you can’t download the thirdparty dir anywhere?

  1. Compiling doesn’t work because there is no thirdparty dir anywhere on the site to download
  2. Downloading 1.7.0 (windows) compiled package doesnt work because it is old and not working (from buildbot 11th jan 2010)

So how do i get this version to work at all… i want to use the pixel2d feature…

I’m in the process of releasing 1.7.0, so: … -1.7.0.exe

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very cool! thanks!

Likewise. Where can I get the thirdparty dir for 1.7.0? Using the precompiled version isn’t an option for me, as I’m using a couple custom patches to the source.

On the SDK download page: …

Ahh, got it. I was looking on the source page. Thanks!

so the download for the third party tools directory only supports the latest release. I have the sticky problem of needing to rebuild source from 1.3.2

I can get the source, but the third party items are all missing and the more current folder does not have the same stuff in it. I’ve been creatively finding source files, but I’m getting stuck on a lot of the dependencies. Anyone have a copy of an older third party tools directory around?