Thinking about start a socialnetwork visualizer with panda3d

for an university exam i have to make a project with panda3d and i decided to get into social-network visualizer.
so… nothing about 3d models, only texts and brunch of simple graphics like lines quads and circles to visualize some graphs and tag cloud.
i’m not new to programming and i love python and i have some opengl and opencv basics.
anyone have seen something similar? some advice?
thanks anyway, this seems to be a great project!

Hi and welcome to the community.

Do you want the graphs to be 3d?
If not, you might be better off with other engines, like pygame or special graphing libraries.

If yes, here are some classes you might find handy:
LineSegs for drawing lines
CardMaker for creating quads/rectangles
MeshDrawer for… actually everything.

Also take a look at the manual. Especially section II Q might be interesting for you.

Good luck and feel free to ask if you need help at some point :slight_smile: