Theatrica Qt4/Panda Game Builder

Theatrica is a Qt4/Panda Game Builder.

Theatric has about 5 hours of development invested so far.

wow, that looks good

Could use some more info, like whats the license going to be

Link in Zester’s profile points to:

Which in turn points to:


Your correct all my projects are licensed BSD

As far as more info. Ill be writing tools as I need them but
you can count on at-least:

  • Physics editor
  • Terrain editor
  • Light editor
  • Script editor
  • Shadow editor
  • Material editor
  • Shader editor
  • Particle Effects editor
  • Scene editor
  • Camera editor
  • Mesh editor
  • Animation Editor

As far as what works now most of the create menu is done except metaballs.

Loading models works also as you can see from the screenshot.

The Script Editor was also started. Loading Scripts & Syntax highlighting for C++ and Python is working.

I can’t say when there will be a first release. At this point it’s still pretty (useless) .

Thats pretty ambitious.
It would be cool, if it was finished.

What do you mean by shader editor and metaballs?

So in terms of the screen shot… how much is done and how much is to be done? Like Anon said, would be cool to see something more functional, an early alpha or whatever…