The Work Horse - CPU or GPU?

Hi everyone.

Just wanted to know, what is the best way to determine if your application is using more CPU power or GPU power?

Probably Pstats, dunno if anyone else has any better idea’s for specific CPU/GPU comparisons

You can find the manual page for Pstats here


Not sure about figuring out CPU speed vs GPU speed with Pstats, but Pstats is howing a high Thread Blockage.

Does that mean my application is hanging up…waiting for something to execute?

Anyone Knows what the igLoop stands for in Pstats?

Dunno what igLoop is, (I doubt I’m the person to ask, someone else will know)

Is your framerate the same as your moniter’s refresh rate? (likely 60 fps?), if so you may need to turn of

in your Panda3d/etc/Config.prc file, add the line “sync-video 0”, which tells panda to “stop limiting the framerate to my moniter’s refresh rate, even though there’s really no point other than for me to see lots of wasted CPU”

it could also be many other things… searching on the forums through the google search comes up with tons of things, perhaps this post can be of use to you. It mention’s a few more things other than just the sync-video option


I found out igLoop has to do with Drawing the Scene. Should such a Pstat value be high or low? That’s the missing knowledge.

the bars you see usualy are in milliseconds. the lower they are, the less time you need to render a frame. thus, the more frames per second you get.
in short: lower values are better.