the window's shape


I have two questions.

You can’t let a window have a non-rectangle shape. Normally, with programs like that, the window is just normal-shaped but with a transparent background.

Panda certainly supports skeletal animations. In fact, when the manual talks about animations, most of the time it refers to skeletal animations. … Animations

Thank you for your answer.

skeleton animation should control the bones to make the model animating.but I didn’t find any codes about controling the bones.

another question: how can make the window background transparent?

I don’t think there’s a panda native way of making panda windows transparent although the alpha information is certainly there. Other people have looked into making a desk companion using panda before. I’ve had limited success using PyQT but some people in that thread have pointed out better ways to convert the alpha information that I have yet to try.

As for joints, here is the relevant manual page: … ing_Joints

Uh, I think ZeroByte pointed you to the wrong link, here’s the right one: … ocedurally