The way aspect2d is setup

I was looking inside the code that setups aspect2d in the file (this is the function setupRender2d) and i have some sugestions to improve this.

        aspectRatio = self.getAspectRatio()
        self.aspect2d = self.render2d.attachNewNode(PGTop("aspect2d"))
        self.aspect2d.setScale(1.0 / aspectRatio, 1.0, 1.0)

Why don’t you add some options to define a “virtual” resolution and and coordinate system to the gui scene? This would simplify things a lot when building guis.

This options could be, for example:
virtual_gui_with 800
virtual_gui_height 600
virtual_gui_coord_sys TOP_LEFT

The code above would then consult these parameters and use the appropriate transform.

        w = virtual_gui_width
        h = virtual_gui_height
        aspectRatio = self.getAspectRatio()
        (w,h) = adjust_aspect_ration(w,h,aspectRatio)
        self.aspect2d = self.render2d.attachNewNode(PGTop("aspect2d"))
        if virtual_gui_coord_sys = TOP_LEFT:
            self.aspect2d.setScale(w, 1.0, -h)

If i didn’t made a mistake with the math (probably did) this would make a a gui screen with a familiar 800.0 x 600.0 and place the origin at the top left as it is natural.

Also i have a question about the gui classes. This classes are binds to C++ classes or are pure Python implementations and would the trick above mess up with their working?

Seems like a great idea.

Or at least, that I can choose which method to use.