The "Walker" Demos

How do run the “Walker” demos in src/controls?

There is some intriguing code in there that looks like some of it is a perfect match for what I’m trying to code.

Those aren’t really demos. They’re bits of utility code that were originally written for some projects at the VR Studio. Their purpose is to provide several user interfaces, all with a common API, to walk around an avatar.

They’re not terribly well documented for general use, but the code is all there; you’re more than welcome to read it and try to figure it out. Other people have had more or less success using them. Try searching the forums for things like “GravityWalker” or “PhysicsWalker”.


I have searched and I am reading your informative dialog with panda.egg concerning distributed code. Very enlightening!

However, there is very little out there.

I have yet to find any runnable code that demonstrates the walkers?

Oops Bad news for you.
I had successfully use the gravity walker in the past (1 year ago ) but i’ve been unable to find back my code .
The main issue i had to use it is : get rid of all the debug dependancies to toon (ie dagger , debug var and so on). once compilable it was pretty straightforward.

It was dealing nicely with the most usual case: walkining on landscape, jumping over some obstacle, going under bridge…