The Rigid Body Combiner and texture -scales and -offsets

I’m currently experimenting with a system that uses the Rigid Body Combiner to improve the performance of a set of quads. As part of this I’m attempting to alter the texture -offsets and -scales of textures applied to these quads.

While this seems to work as expected when the quads are simply parented to “render”, no apparent effect is achieved when they are under the combiner.

Is this the expected behaviour, a bug, or am I perhaps doing something incorrectly? :confused:

Some new complications:

In attempting to circumvent the above problems, I attempted to apply a texture scale to my quads when they are created (I’m using a pool of such quads, rather than creating them as called for). This seems to work… save for the fact that almost all of them become invisible. At most angles, at least. If I rotate the camera around them, I find angles in which the suddenly appear, only to disappear again when I rotate out of that region of visibility.

This is all very odd. :confused: