The right way to create a background image in a game.

Hi experts!
I’m thinking of putting a bitmap picture in the background of my “game world”.

The question is how to do this in the right way?

I have tried to use DirectLabel but the picture is placed on top of anything else so i can’t see the 3D world :frowning:

Any good ideas/examples??


I’m not sure exactly what you have in mind. Are you going to be moving the camera around? If not, a simple backdrop image would work. Otherwise you might need something fancier, like a skybox.

For a backdrop, seems like a billboard placed behind everything would be ideal. I think one of the sample programs shows how to do billboards. It would basically be like the painted background image at a play or on cheap movie sets.

A skybox is a bit fancier. It behaves exactly like a QTVR panoramic image, with your entire world contained inside. Some discussion here: … ght=skybox

if you want a static image behind a 3d scene, try making a 2d image with a low sort so it renders behind everything. I just quoted david on this: