The Java migration Q&A thread

Most of you have surely learned from the blog post that Panda3D is switching to the Java language. This thread serves as a way to ask questions related to programming in the language. This thread will eventually supersede the “Scripting Issues” section, as we expect that a massive decrease in the number of questions asked is imminent, as Java is less error-prone than Python thanks to its strongly-typed object model.

Janda3D, eh?

[size=59]I hate this day.[/size]


Please tell me this is Aprils fool joke…

Of couse it is :wink:

java support would be nice anyway and if its fully done today it would be cool even if it was just for a joke :wink:

Is this really an April fool’s joke? From what I’ve seen of Java, this isn’t that bad of an idea.

dropping python and c++ support is not a good idea, i think but just adding java support could actually be a plus.

btw: how is implementing rfc 2324 going? if you need help…

Let me rephrase what I said earlier: Java is a nice language, and I agree with Praios that it would be nice to have support for it. But I’m not advocating switching to it, I’m quite a fan of python, not so much of c++ (mostly cause I haven’t actually taken the time to look into it).

Janda3D arrggghhh! Never! April fool’s day joke!

Hee hee.

Personally i don’t like java, the fact is that in my windows i have no applications build from java.
And as far as i remember none of java applications can work perfectly fit to me. Except for mobile application. And it rather buggy when you encounter a java application.

And if you do code in it, it will be the same as to code in C++ (if you code it from a notepad).
Too many junk words … For example, i haven’t have an idea why the “String args[]” should be put in that main function, while the logic it should be done automatically.

I love to code in Python because of its flexibility, resembles to the one in PHP which i’ve been code so far.
By far i think the best programming language should be set to it. People may think it’s easy, but i think it’s powerful.

Flexibility sometimes kill the performance. If we can balance it, it will be a perfect tool.

If i put those two in a parable that would be …

  • Python is like a cross button in a windows, to close an application.
  • Java or C-like langauage is an “alt+F4” key that should be press to quit an application.

There’s no different in the functionality, but for a newbie perspective they will acknowledge the first case immediately.
While the second case will be consider as a system failure.

I remember one of my college teachers had been challanged to build an accounting application in Assembly language, but he gave up on that.
That makes me have the conclusion that if there’s an easy way why should we take the harder path if the result can be the same.
In other words we shouldn’t go for less should we? :wink:

Well that is only my rough opinion… just don’t like the lavish.

:bulb: when i was a kid and used basic before gw basic, there was a programming language, i cant remember me how was it called. i just saw one day some stuff about in the tv and i got shocked, something with a turtle. but it seems it burned into my brain (maybe this was the reason why i stopped then as teenager with computers (trauma)). how about this language? this would really rocks :smiley: :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

You almost make a heart-attack in me dudes :smiley:

Are you going to port our code for us too?

:smiley: there will be a other virtual machine, which is going to port automatical python and c++ code into jave :smiley:

but rfc 2324 makes me a bit to think, this started also as a april joke and got finally realized.

in overall i have no problem with avaj, (if this funny thing get realized), its very fast to learn, the rules staying similar to other programming languages. and pjr 1 i writ in java.

it’s good to announce that the new Janda3D logo has been approved:

:smiley: looks amazing :smiley:

It got me.
FYI, “Janda” in Indonesian means a widow (a wife whose husband is no more).

The announcement is gone!!!. Is that really an April’s Fool Joke?
Dang it almost seems real to me. You guys have a good sense of humor after all :laughing:

Hey is that true after all? what is the conclusion?
There are no official announcement about the statement.
By the way i’m not that fluent in english, if they start using idioms in sentences, i won’t understand the meaning whether it’s a joke or real :blush:

Btw is that true that python is a hundred times slower than c++ ??? At least it’s faster than VRML already a plus point to me.

But i do believe that panda has a real inconsitency in the wrapper functions. And all we need only to restructure it, not to trash it :confused:

yes, python can be 100 times slower than c++ but thats not very important in many cases as most stuff that needs to be fast is done by (eg c++)library calls.
for a comparison also see (not really a panda-scenario)