The Gauntlet of the Controlled Crystal--A Test-Game

Update: I’ve removed the game from It was, after all, just a test/prototype game; and in the end, I wasn’t particularly proud of it.

In short, The Gauntlet of the Controlled Crystal is a game intended to serve as a testing platform for my recent changes to my KeyMapper control-mapping class. Perhaps most saliently, KeyMapper should now support the additional input-devices for which Panda added support, and should allow one to save and load control-mapping profiles. I’m thus requesting feedback on the KeyMapper, please!

You should find the game here: The game’s page

The game itself is a short top-down 2D twin-stick shooter. Blast through minion-filled rooms, and at the end, face an ancient evil and destroy it.

There are a few twists, however:

  • Shooting drains your health (as does using your “burst” ability)
  • Conversely, standing still allows health to regenerate. Of course, that might not be easy while under attack…
  • And finally, the more health you have, the bigger you are–and thus the larger the target that you present.