ok now that i figured out lighting. how can i get my glow effects and Bump mapping into the engine. I see a lot of pictures were there is bumpping and Glow efects. but for the life of me i can’t figure it out. kinda of like that picture of the orge that’s glowing. how do i do that?

The “effects section” (including glow) is generally handled by Cg, that’s what I already hinted at in my previous post. With bump mapping I’m not quite sure whether it’s supported already - in the release notes addition posted here:


I found the following:

Sounds like the basic work is done, but I’m not sure whether it’s fully usable already.

Getting fancy stuff into the engine requires programming. Let me explain why.

At first, graphics cards couldn’t do fancy stuff at all. But as time progressed, they started adding capabilities, and as time went on, the list of capabilities grew and grew to the point where it was just plain confusing. Unfortunately, the features they did contain were always “yesterday’s features” - they contained all the features you needed to implement tired and shopworn graphical styles, but they never contained quite the features you need to do new, creative things.

So then they came up with the idea of a “programmable graphics pipeline.” Long story short, new video chips don’t contain long lists of capabilities. Instead, they’re programmable, which means that they can do essentially anything at all. Think of it as an infinite list of capabilities. For example, the video chip can do more than just cartoon shading - it can do hundreds or even thousands of variants of cartoon shading - darker lines, thinner lines, different styles of shading, different styles of hatching, it can do interesting things with color saturation, and on, and on.

The challenge, however, is that it’s no longer possible for an artist to just say “turn on bump maps.” Instead, thousands of variant types of bump-mapping - bump mapping with parallax, or limited parallax, or with or without speculars, or with colored speculars, or with a detail bump map, and on, and on… you need a programmer to tell the system what kind of bump mapping to use.

Of course, an engine designer could just pick one and lock you into that. That would make the engine easier to use, but less flexible. Panda is not that kind of engine - it’s an engine which is meant to be as flexible as possible, but that means you need your programmer to write the bump-mapping code. We do include sample programs with panda to show your programmer an example of how to write bump-mapping code.

Nice to know, thanks Josh! :slight_smile: