Ok, when it comes to texturing can I only texture models? Or can I texture indavidual joints for customization?

Also when you ad a texture to something. And that texture has a metallic finish, it reflects light, is Panda able to detect that or do I have to add code to it?

I don’t know what you mean by texturing a joint. Textures are applied to polygons. Polygons are made up of vertices. Joints move vertices around. But what does it mean to texture a joint? You could apply a texture to all of the polygons that are animated by a joint–but that assumes that all of your polygons are animated by only one joint or another. More commonly, you have several vertices that are under the control of multiple joints.

Shininess is affected by properties that are called a “material” in Panda. The default material has no shininess, but you can create a material that does have shininess. It’s not really related to the texture, but some modeling packages use something called a “material” or a “shader” that includes both the concepts of shininess and texture. Whether both of these properties make it into Panda depend on the converter you are using.


Ok what I mean by texture a joint is simple. You know how you just through a few hoops and can grab control of a joint?

joint = Actor.controlJoint(None, "modelRoot", "JointName")

I am wondering if you can apply a texture to joint and only joint.

So lets say that the node joint is… like the leftArm of a model. Can I apply a texture to joint and the texture will be added to that part of the model?

Thanks for telling me about Shine, bascially all it means is more coding for me.

The joints themselves are not visible objects. When you control a joint, you are controling a part of an invisible skeleton of an actor which influences how the polygons of the actor are deformed when the joint is rotated or translated.

You can have a multi-part actor in which you can assign textures to specific parts of that actor, but setting up a multi-part actor is fairly complicated.

Ummmm I see… well could you point me to a place where I can make a multi-part actor because that would make my Prof VERY happy… and if he is very happy he counts this summer as my capstone… Plus I thing it would be interesting.