Textures path in egg format

Hello all

Why in egg files if I write the exact path of the image file, the texture wall not be loaded
For example if I write:

<Texture> "tree.jpg" {

Instead of this I have to write the path in a certain way

<Texture> "tree.jpg" {

Thanks in advance

python, and panda primarily use unix style path names. most modern os out there use unix syte including freebsd, linux, mac os , the internet url system …everyone except windows and a hand full of other exotic or dated oses

btw. i think you mixed up / and \

if you want to give relative pathes. start with a dot.
e.g. ./texture/tree.jpg
and panda will try to find texture/tree.jpg on all its model search pathes.

if you really really want to use absolute path names (which is a terrible idea anyway). just start with

if you need more information on this, there should be a chapter about it in a python tutorial of your choice