Textures are blurry


I have discovered a strange behavior with textures. They become blurry from a certain angle.

dl.dropbox.com/u/7017332/blurry_ … 16.tar.bz2

Just open this example with pview et rotate the cube.

Is this normal?
What I’m doing wrong?
Is there a way to fix that?

Sounds like mipmapping. You can disable mipmapping if you don’t like that effect.


Thanks David for your quick response.

It’s effectively the reason of this effect. I can alter it with anisotropic filtering.

Do you think the use of a DDS file can be of any help?

I don’t know what benefit a dds file will get you. Did you have something in mind?


If I’m not wrong, with a dds file I can controlling the mipmap. So, I could influence the blurry effect.

Not really, I can assure you that generating the mipmaps yourself won’t help you.

I tend to set anisotropic filtering to 16x (while still having mipmapping enabled), which almost entirely eliminates the blurry effect in the distance.