Hello, everyone, I need to interpolate 2 textures giving a feeling of transition, one is disappearing and the other will appear, someone has some know how to do it in c + +.

Next time, post it in the C++ section instead. I’ve moved it for you this time.
Something along the lines of this would work:

PT(TextureStage) stage = new TextureStage("YourTransition");
    TextureStage::CS_previous, TextureStage::CO_src_color,
    TextureStage::CS_texture, TextureStage::CO_src_color,
    TextureStage::CS_constant, TextureStage::CO_src_alpha);
yourNodePath.set_texture(stage, your_second_texture);
float v = 1.0;
stage->set_color(LVecBase4f(0, 0, 0, v));

When ‘v’ is 0.0, the first texture will be shown, when it is 1.0, the second texture will be shown, and any value in between will be interpolated.

Oh thank you very much for responding.
Sorry for posting in the wrong place is that this was my first post.