texture with transparent background


I have a little problem with texturing. I'd like to display simple 2d objects (manhole,  clouds) in my scene and, in order to do it, I create geomtrifans (to have a square at the correct position) on which I put my texture. Everything works fine if the texture is not transparent.

But if there is a transparent background (a circle for exemple), the result is not transparent. The circle is drawn correctly, but the background is either white (default color of my trifans) or either black (dunno why). 
In fact, when it should be white (DecalMode), it's okay, but when it should be transparent (ReplaceMode), it is black.

So, is there a specific format for texture ? I use png image created with gimp (with background set to transparent).


You need to set Transparency ON on your object:


Thanks, it works