texture tiling on a 3d object

to simplify this task, I am just looking for help tiling a custom texture on a cube. This is not my end goal, but knowing this will allow me to make progress.

I have tried the texture modes, the scaling, and other config parameters, but the end result is always the texture stretching out to the entirety of the cube surface. Overall, the there is one iteration of the texture per cube side.

This is because the 3d structure is quite large and blanketing the texture across the entire object causes it to look pixelated and non-aesthetic.

I have tried resizing the cube from very small to very large, and still get one iteration of the texture per side.

Any help? It is probably just syntax of applying the texture to the cube…

mytex = Texture()
mytex = loader.loadTexture(“models/maps/iron.jpg”)
object.setTexScale(ts, 10,10,10) #no effect when changed

I do tiling by first making a normal texture tilable in Gimp (image editor) and then applying it in Metasequoia (model editor). I think your right though about there being a way to do this from within Panda.

i just forgot to assign a texture stage to the object…

reallllly simple. my bad.


hopefully, i’ll be back with an actual problem i need help with. hahaha