Texture Spotting

I read somewhere that Panda3D had the ability to allow Texture to be “spotted” with another texture. An example would be blood dropping on sand. The sand texture would belong to the terrian and the blood texture would create on top of the sandy terrain texture…as if it was paint or something.

I see that effect alot in commercial games.

I can’t seem to recall where I saw that Panda info…does anyone know if this could be done and how to code it?

Couldn’t find any info on it in the Manual, However, I was able to find other things that will allow me to create the effect myself with some careful coding.

I have an idea of how to implement the effect, but I don’t know how my idea will hold up as far as speed since I haven’t tried it yet.

Wish me hell!

“Spotted” with another texture sounds a bit vague to me. I’m pretty sure you’re talking about decals which have been commonly used in games for ages.

Anyways here’s a good example from naith.

No…not decals. Although I could give it a try with decals. I guess a good game to see this effect would be Blood Rayne 2 (PC).

May I point you to this thread, haven’t read much of the actual thread but seems to cover what you are trying to accomplish.

[url]Texture Painting]