Texture problem


I converted a model with animations to egg format using Maya and the graphical egg converter. Using one of the basic tutorials scripts I replaced the Panda actor with the model I exported.

The textures look very stange. Any idea what is causing this?



I’ll just guess, but could it be z-fighting? Two meshes lying on top of each other? Not sure if Panda’s tools export NURBS, etc.

Hmm, I haven’t read anywhere that the exporter didn’t work with NURBS.

I did a lot of searching on the forums before I asked. I just don’t really know how to describe the effect so I searched with variations of “texture”. Maybe I’ll try another model. Maybe one without animations.

Somewhere in the back of my head it says “NURBS + Panda = no-go”. But the only exporter I occasionally work with is the Blender one, anyway.


maya2egg does convert NURBS, in fact by default it automatically converts them to polygons. This means that if you have already converted your NURBS model to polygons within Maya, and you therefore have a polygonal model and a NURBS model in the Maya scene, then when you maya2egg it you will end up with two polygonal models in the resulting file. Perhaps this is what happened? I do agree that it looks like you have two coplanar models fighting there, especially if you say the effect seems to be flickering.


Hi David,

Thanks for the explanation. Well, I guess my title “texture problem” isn’t quite accurate. Even without the texture I still get the strange effect on the model. The model was created in Maya out of cylinders for the most part and there is just one animation. When I converted it via maya2egg6 I tried the -pa both options because the animation was not separate.

I thought by using the -p option I could avoid this problem but it had no effect.


Are you absolutely sure there is only one cylinder for each piece? It sure does look like you’ve got duplicate geometry in there.

If you wanted to post the Maya file somewhere, I could try to take a look at it for you.



After reading what you said about more than one cylinder I realized that I had multiple LOD’s in this model. I removed them and now look at the difference!

Thanks for the help.