Texture instances


since I need to apply texture UV directly to the texture self, what happen when I need to use the same texture, but with different UV (or scale or wrapping, etc…) to different models?
Do I need to load the same texture twice? Or Pand maintain only one texture in memory and apply different “effects” to every instance (e.g. UV and wrapping)?

Thank you for your help!

UV’s are a property of a model, not of the texture. So you can apply one texture to several different models, all with a different set of UV’s.

The same is true of scale, which is a property applied to the model’s UV’s.

Wrapping, however, is a property of a texture, so if you need to have different copies of the texture with different wrap modes (which is a weird thing to do), you will indeed need to load the texture twice, for instance using two different filenames.