texture blending question

Hi everyone! This is my first post here. I’ve been using panda3d for a couple months now and I’m in love with it. This and python are vastly easier to work with than C# and straight DirectX.

Anyway, here’s the deal. Our project uses a large-scale 3d tile map. I’m creating the map in 32x32 chunks as geom objects that get loaded and unloaded dynamically as you move around the map. This works fine. My question is on texturing the tiles. I’m sure the best answer will be “write a shader” (which is what I did in the C# incarnation of this project), but I want to see if I have other options too.

Because I’m loading 1024 tiles into a single geom object, I can’t set a different texture on each tile. So I pack my textures into a large template and use texture coordinates to address the specific texture I want on each tile. This works fine. The problem comes up when I want to blend 2 textures on a single tile. Let’s say both of my texture images are packed onto the same texture. I would need 2 sets of tex coords to address them. What about an alpha map? Can I use another packed texture of alpha maps with a third set of tex coords for that? Is there an easier way to achieve that kind of texture blending?

Like I said earlier, I’m fine with writing a shader to do this, I just want to see if there’s another way. Thanks for reading.

Sounds like what’re you talking about is using packed alpha maps for texture splatting. Since you can set the texture scale individually, it’s pretty easy to implement this. Search for splatting or geomipterrain and you’ll find a number of examples, both as shaders or just using standard texture combiner operations.

long answer short.
yes panda can handle blending multple texture with multiple UV-sets.
you dont even need shaders for that (if you keep the number of layers below your gpu’s limit, which variates between 4,8 and more ).
try reading the manual pages about texturestages.