Textnode/SetText questions/issues

Hi, I did a bit of digging but couldn’t find any information on this –

Whenever I use settext I get a massive FPS drop(calling it more than 2 times a second causes a 60-70% FPS drop), trying to figure out why this is happening. I tried both DX9 and opengl, nothing changed. Updated to the latest drivers, using a 9800GTX+ if that matters, and panda 1.7.0, on Win7.

Is settext just not intended to be called that often, or is there an issue here?
sorry if this is in the wrong place, didn’t see a better place to ask this at.

Take a look at this thread:

aside from that. fps drops can lead to false conclusion. a 50% drop from 2000 to 1000 fps has almost no relevance. cause it means something took 500µS more to compute(which is no big deal at all). if your drop is from 40 to 20 fps that means something ate up 25ms … which is several orders of magnitute worse and conciderably slow.
a better way to meassure your performance is in milliseconds per frame.

Oh, missed that somehow. Thanks! Guess I’ll just keep my text updates to a minimum.