Textbox using Tkinter...

Anybody have experience in creating an input textbox using Tkinter? I’m thinking of using it to replace DiretEntry. I read some posts about Tkinter and it seems that there are problems in using it. Since I’m only going to use it as a replacement for DirectEntry, I hope it won’t be that problematic. So…Is using Tkinter reliable?

You cant use tkinter inside panda3d window as direct entry. You would have to create a tkwindow next to the panda3d window. I don’t think tk tox box is any better then direct entry.

Just use wxpython. Panda already has wx app setup and loop built-in, it’s in showbase/WxGlobal.py
You can start it using base.startWx(), or use config variable want-wx 1. Do import wx to use it. You must have wxpython installed first : wxpython.org

Thanks ynjh_jo, I didn’t know this! Really useful.

Yea, I noticed it recently too, when I decided to use wx in my IDE. Started by seeing the config var, then I dug ShowBase.