text texture generator (pretty useless for panda3d :)

I have written a small piece of code which generates a panda3d texture card egg (http://panda3d.org/manual/index.php/DirectButton) out of a text. It does this by generating images using PIL.

It includes some examples and some documentation. To use it you must have python PIL installed as well. I have only tested it under OSX, but it should be platform independent.


Download it under:
You will want to change the DEFAULTFONT in the textButton.py…

If you use it please leave a message in this thread.

Very nice Hypnos!

But errr… can’t the CardMaker module do this too?

Hmm, i dont know if the cardmaker can create images (ala jpg, png etc.).

And it’s a first step to have images instead of text, which i can later replace by custom designed pictures. So i wont have to change the code later on…

And maybe someone can use it in another context :slight_smile: