this is just a simple terrain thingy that uses only one texture to do 4 tiles.

It takes 4 tillable tiles:

adds borders them:

the simple generator generates this terrain:

it encodes the tile type in the color values:

combine every thing together and we get this:

the borders are needed because of the mip mapping hardware blends the texture together. Only the borders this time:

oh yha and the sources is there:

hope it helps some one like pro-rsoft

I was planned to post this soon, but you were just before me.

Thanks you for stealing my ideas and my code, Treeform. You could at least have asked me at IRC…
The only difference is that you use color values for the terrain, which gives less control to the user and uglier terrain, instead of a detail map.
And the borders for the texture don’t help. Look far away, still lines in terrain.

If your one is better - why not (still) make it available when its done? :slight_smile:

I don’t want to get too much into detail here… on one side, open source means everyone can use your software - or ideas implemented by software - but on the other side it also means to give at least credit to the origin of ideas and / or code.

Sooo… maybe you (two) want to sort that out. :wink:

As for your terrain algo, pro-rsoft: why not still show it if its better? :slight_smile:

Better is always… ummmm… better? :wink:

Regards, Bigfoot29

well it was pro-rsofts idea and i gave him credit at the top of the code. But he is right i could have make it more explicit. But this is still my own implementation i used no ones code and i hope pro-rsoft does makes his terrain public.