I have found something kind of strange with the terrain generator. I am using a 1024X1024 height map. I find if I set the the terrain var’s to this:


It loads the whole terrain at maximum detail right? Well, though the load time is a bit larger at the start of the game, I get 300 fps afterwards. If I set setFar to 100, I get around 55 fps when walking around, and the terrain does not look very well.

Why would I want to use updating terrains if I get more speed with high-quality static ones?

maybe you’r updating the terrain too often, (like every frame is ways too much).

in more general terms, the parameters needs to be finely tuned to achive the desired performance gain. depending on your hardware, that effect may be small for good settings, or very bad for poor settings.

I thought of that, and had it update once a second, but it looked even worse, and once a second my fps dropped to about 25.

Oh, and pandagl kills me frame rate with terrains. I have the latest drivers for my graphics card; if I used pandadx9 I get around 300fps. When I use pandagl I get around 50.

This is a major pain, as I would rather use pandagl for shaders and such.

Perhaps your block size is too low?

I have tried every block size from 8 to 128. It acts the same way.