terrain - questions - please look at

I’m looking into the panda 3D engine. And have a few questions about terrain.

Is there a terrain builder? If not then:

How do you create the terrain?
How do you texture it?
How do you place objects on it? (like tress, grass, or other)
Can you add water?
What effects can you do with water?

Also, collision:
Can you have a car fall until it is flat to the terrain like gravity? Can you explain about what type of physics it has?

I do not want the code for this; I just want to know how it is done. Just explain please.

Check out these two entries in the manual.

There are a number of ways to texture terrain. You can create one massive texture, you can use a combination of textures and alphamaps. For my needs, because my terrain is deformable, is a create a 4 channel image based upon the height and slope map. I then use a shader to assign a texture based on the color mask (grass mapped to red, snow to blue, etc).

Objects can be placed on it.

Water is possible. there are a number of demos which show off possible effects.

I suggest you take a glance at the manual. it should answer the questions you need,

you can also use eg blender for making the terrain but you should partition the terrain eg by using the octree option

So can you say “object1” goes on green like with the textures?

Thanks for the help!!