temporarily say goodbye to Panda3D and hello to Ogre3D (C++)


My development environment is visual studio 2010 using c++.

First of all, I have to say that I love Panda3D community and I hope to come back at a later time. Trying to get Panda3D (as I have posted in another thread) in Visual Studio is short from simple. I was hoping to use Panda3D for my experiments, but for now I will have to move to Ogre3D.

I would like to leave my reasons, that by no means is to say that PANDA3D is less that Ogre3D. I’m sure I would have more fun and a better time with Panda3D. Nevertheless, here are the reasons:

  1. Visual Studio 2010 support is not available.
  2. Community is more python driven, including the samples.
  3. I need to make it work in VS 2010 since it is what I have in this machine, and I don’t want to install 2008. Some people have experience issues installing 2008 after 2010 has been installed. Probably I could fix those, but I’m running in limited amount of time
  4. I need results in c++ vs 2010 soon (see point 3.)

When Panda3D becomes available for VS 2010 and/or when I have some extra time to use another machine outside of my lab with vs 2008, I will be happy to create c++ samples.

I think PANDA3D is great and c++ it is the choice of some.

I would like to thanks the help of everyone in here. As of now, I already have some meshes displaying Ogre3D at least to get my experiment going. But I was hoping to do everything in Panda3D.

Also, I do understand that Ogre3D and Panda3D cannot be compared, as one is a game engine (Panda3D) and th other one a “graphics engine” (Ogre3D). I put emphasis as to the “graphic engine” since I don’t considered to be a pure graphics engine. A pure graphics engine in my mind, for example, is OpenGL.

thank you

Hi Francisco,

Ogre3D is an excellent engine. It is not a rivalry; some tasks are better suited for one engine, while other tasks are better for the other. I would certainly encourage you to choose the best engine for your task based upon your own requirements, and it sounds like you have done so. :slight_smile:


Good luck, iblues76 :slight_smile: