Teaching with Panda

I’m going to be teaching a subject this year at the University of NSW called “Computer Games Workshop”. Inspired partly by CMU’s Building Virtual Worlds course. I’ve been looking around at the various games engines, both free and commercial, that are available, and Panda3D is the one that has impressed me most so far.

Kudos to the Panda development team. I think your aspirations to have an easy learning curve and to allow rapid prototyping have been been well met. Panda looks much easier to use than many of the other engines I’ve seen. Well done.

I’m particularly pleased that you chose to go with Python scripting. I was considering using Torque until I saw the docs for their custom scripting language. Ulch!


It would be great if you put the documents of your subject somewere where we could get it. Im intresteted in what you will teach, but for me its a bit far to Autralia, so I won’t be able to hear what wo will tell your students.


Hi Malcolm,

I also use Torque. One of the reasons I keep coming back to Panda3d is because of Python so I know what you mean.

Might I suggest you give the Disney ToonTown MMO a try. You can a free trial and it will give you a basic idea of what you can do with Panda3d.

Also, Disney VR is creating a new “Pirates of the Caribbean Online” MMO with it as well. While the ToonTown example is probably not using the latest version of Panda3d its still good to get a look at what could be created.

Also, just keep in mind ToonTown is targeted at the little ones so college kids may not be too happy with it.


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“Also, just keep in mind ToonTown is targeted at the little ones so college kids may not be too happy with it.”

The primary target group of ToonTown was indeed meant to be kids.
However, it turns out that the average age of players is probably more than 18!
(I am not affiliated with ToonTown, just talking from experience and what I have read on the forums)
Amazingly many adults play ToonTown - especially moms.

ToonTown really excells at hitting a very broad range of people, going from 3 year olds though teenagers to grannies!

Anyway, though not all the college students wish to play that game; I am sure they can appreaciate the richness and “lack-of-lag” of the game.

As you may know, I have just attended a class on Game Programming:
Send me a message, if you would like some reviews on the material we have read.