Tcl bindings

I’ve been working on a SWIG interface file to bind Panda3d and Tcl. It’s not complete yet, but some 1700 methods are already accessible and Tcl scripts can be executed as tasks. I haven’t done any specific performance test yet but there doesn’t seem to be any particular issue.

I’ve opened a project on Sourceforge:

If you feel like contributing or adding support for some other language feel free to let me know. Just for curiosity, the c++ first example code re-written in Tcl look like this:

set f [new_PandaFramework]
$f open_framework $argv
$f set_window_title "My Panda3D Window"

set w [$f open_window]
$w setup_trackball
$w enable_keyboard

set r [$w get_render]

$r ls

$f main_loop
$f close_framework

You get the idea. Don’t ask me why I did this or why I like Tcl more than Python. I just hope you enjoy.