Can anyone tell me which priority means what.
Is 1 high or low
What is the maximum number

Thanks Martin

0 is low, higher numbers mean higher priority.

I don’t know of any maximum

Just to be clear, a higher prority means that the task is performed later than a lower priority. This doesn’t mean that other tasks arent performed. You can also have negative numbers for the priority, performing those before a task of priority 0.

Thanks for the informations.
Is there a chance to execute a task not as much than another.

Is Panda multithreadable?

Panda is single-threaded. The Task manager executes all tasks once each frame. However, see also doMethodLater() if you want a task that only executes every once in a while.

You can also use Python threads in conjunction with Panda if you really want multithreaded behavior, but you will have to be careful to take care of synchronization issues yourself. And certain calls into Panda might be non-reentrant, depending on how Panda was compiled.