taskMgr only works when mouse is moving?

I noticed that a task added to taskMgr throug .add() only gets triggered when the cursor is hovering/Moving the Panda3D window. Is there a way it can always be trigered when taskMgr.step() is executed? (I am running QPanda3D hence using the .step() funcion)



I was trying to dig into the issue, and I found that the taskMgr gets stuck in the igLoop just when it calls the self.graphicsEngine.renderFrame()

Somewhere inside the renderFrame() funcion (in the c++ side I guess) is waiting for the mouse to move to actually render the frame and release/finish the Qt thread. Still will dig more but seems that the only way would be to modify GraphicsEngine in the c++ side? Any help would be appreciated!


Use a debugger to find out where it is stuck. Attach it to the process and then break during a pause to get the stack trace. Could be in the Windows event loop due to some interaction with Qt.