Supporting multiple UV per vertex in egg file

Hello all,…

I’m recently trying to make an exporter for blender 2.6x
All go well except the UV texturing

The problem is that each vertex of the exported mesh supports only one UV-coords while blender can support multiple UV-coords

The solution was made in the past with Chicken exporter by creating extra vertices which have same x,y,z values with different UV coords

for example: a simple cube has 8 vertices in blender, but after exporting with chicken exporter it will have 24 vertices
Is there a way to make the single vertex having more than one UV values other than creating extra vertices?

Thanks in advance

it is as easy as adding multiple entries for each vertex. as long as you name them properly there should be no problem.
details to be found there : … Syntax.txt

Thanks ThomasEgi
but the vertex will use the first UV-coordinats and will not use the others

for example,if I have this egg file:

<Vertex>0 {x y z}
 <UV> tex1 {1.0 0.0}
 <UV> tex2 {-1.0 0.0}
 <UV> text3 {0.0 1.0}

which UV that will be used in the textured face? is it tex1 , tex2 or tex3?

Check out the Egg Syntax page in the manual. In particular, the selection of UV’s for a particular texture is made within the entry:

<Texture> foo {
  <Scalar> uv-name { tex1 }