Supported file types/formats

When looking for supported image formats i just found this tiny and obviously incomplete list, and this. -> JPG, PNG, TIF, pbm, pgm, pbm
Propably I just didnt search in the right place but where should I? (Searched: Manual, Forum, Reference, Features page)
After this I tried to find the other supported file types e.g. for audio but didn’t find anything like a complete list. Same for ‘natively’ supported model files…

As I said - propably I’m just to stupid to find it. But I think making this easier to find - by e.g. making this thread sticky (after replying :wink:) or just including such section in the manual - would maybe not just help me.

for 3d models the native formats are egg and bam.
3ds, flt, dxf, x, dae and propably a couple of others are directly load-able,too.

for audio: mp3 ogg and wav should work for sure. guess there are many others available.
i dont exactly know what video formats are support. you might want to look into what libraries panda uses to load and play these files.

Yea, they seem to come and go from the manual like crazy. Thomas got most of them; as for the vids I think (I could be wrong) are avi and flv. I remember someone doing a port too, for flash. Flash can handel all thos + swf.

This trick works :
just give your asset file an unknown extension, and upon load, panda will fail to load it and tell you what the supported formats are.

native: BAM, EGG, also pzipped,
I would go with dae or x, if not egg.
For audio you should go with OGG. Mp3 has some copyright issues or something and WAV is pretty big, MIDI isnt supported. for others havent tried.
I have tried JPG, GIF (not animated), PNG. BMP might also work but i would still use PNG.
For video i have tried: AVI, FLV and MP4. MP4 showed only the first frame but i think that was a resolution issue.
There are probably alot more formats which i havent tried. The dll names suggest:
FLAC, MPG, AIFF, ASF, MOD etc etc. Well theres also “codec_midi.dll” so i can be wrong