Suggestion for next release

It would be very nice if there was a PRC variable such as ‘use-console’ that could be used to toggle the use of the DOS console on Windows.

Just a thought … would be very nice for what I am doing.


@pleopard: to run a python file without console, run ppythonw instead of python.

Another suggestion for the next release: A box collision solid! Plz plz plz??? I (and a lot more panda3d programmers) could really use it, better than 6 collisionpoly’s.

I know about ppythonw … but that isn’t used with the installer created with packpanda. I want the installer I ship my apps with to eliminate the end user’s console.

Surely there must be a parameter in packpanda that allows you to change
it from ppython to ppythonw.

Just for the sake of it, try deleting ppython and then use packpanda. Maybe it will default to ppythonw. If it doesn’t just put ppython back.

Give it a try, hope it works. I am also interested to know.

Does packpanda make any speed difference?