Suggestion for a forum

There is not currently an appropriate place for threads discussing extending and modifying the Panda3d source itself. We have a scripting forum, and source-building forum, but neither seems quite right for questions about changes to the renderer or adding networking code, or integrating other libraries, etc.

Perhaps we need a category for people doing modifications to the source itself, as opposed to scripting?

Just a thought…

That’s a good idea. I think hugh perkins is also quite serious about adding a feature or two to panda. I think we should do what you say. I’ll add another forum this weekend. Remind me if I forget.

Also, Hugh Perkins has begun studying what it would take to add a feature to panda. He has written up some documentation on the subject. That documentation is not currently visible to the public (he only wrote it 2 or 3 days ago, and I haven’t classified it yet). I’ll make sure to put it somewhere you can find it. Again, remind me if I forget (it’s finals week here at ETC, I’m a little crazy).

  • Josh

As per stampson’s request, I’ve added a new forum called Source Editing.

Josh, feel free to edit it if you want.

Saved me having to study the phpbb control panel. :slight_smile: