I finally managed to rebuild Panda using the MS VC++ toolkit for python 2.3.

It presented quite a few obstacles for someone like myself who has never used Panda before. I had a lot of trouble with paths and env. vars, and eventually ended up editing the makepanda file to hardcode the paths I knew were on my machine for the toolkit, the platform sdk and the directX SDK. I replaced panda’s python with 2.3, ran makepanda with everything but helix ( since it was throwing errors), and had it build an installer.

The makepanda batch is certainly a big help, though. Great script.

At first I was confused as to why I couldn’t run a panda script from IDLE, but once I read that it actually called “ppython” instead, I went to cmd line and the panda samples now compile just fine.



can u tell me how to create a game please?

can u tell me how to create a game please?