stripping vertex colors


I’m looking for a way to export geometry from maya without any vertex color information.

What I have is a model without a texture, and I want to export it with no vertex colors (to save memory) because I will assign a texture at runtime.

Is there a way to do this?

I tried the -suppress-vcolor option of egg2bam but it didn’t do the job. (well, it wasn’t intended to do it anyways, but I hoped to get lucky :wink:)

Any ideas?



If your model is entirely white, the egg loader will avoid creating a color column for your vertices. So the easy answer is: make sure your vertex color is always white.

Note that you probably won’t be saving gobs of memory this way, since the color column is only four bytes per vertex.


Thanks Dave.

I already was aware of the low memory impact but we’re targeting really low spec machines.
Well, and after developing for the PS2 for a few years, I guess I save memory by habit… :wink: