Streaming internet radio & that stuff in panda

Hey guys, have you got any idea how to make panda stream internet radio? I am sure ffmpeg supports this stuff! But I dunno if it’s possible in panda =/ AFAIK the cmd-version of ffmpeg just needs to add -i after the source, but again, how to do it in panda.

Well dunno… Just thought could be kinda useful :wink:

as far as i know (and my knowledge is very limited when it comes to panda’s deep-down-parts) panda uses ffmpeg to play/decode certain media. that doesn’t neccessarily means that the entire ffmpeg api is used or exposed within panda. i can’t say for sure but i belive panda currently does not provide audiostreaming the way you’d need it.

Oh that’s bad =/ Would be using a 3rd party app such a big slowdown? Whatcha think?