Stream camera view

Hi, I have used panda3d for many years and I would like to use it in a headless application. Let’s say we have a scene running on a computer, without screen, and we want to see what is going on from another computer. The idea is to start saving the camera view to a file (png or jpeg) and serve it with a https server, but I would like to be able to stream it as a video too. Any ideas?

Hi, good to see you back!

This is possible in Panda, and in fact this question comes up fairly frequently.

You can set the window-type to none in Panda3D to create a headless application. On a Linux server, you can use the p3headlessgl display module to run Panda3D without an X11 display server (assuming a supported GPU / driver with EGL support). You can use with RTMCopyRam to transfer the image to RAM automatically after rendering it.

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