strange look of images depending on position

hello everyone!

i have some strange behaviour with my images.
e.g. if i set the image to pos=(x,y,0.5), the image has some weird lines on it.
i marked some of these lines with a red circle.

if i set the same image to pos=(x,y,0.49), the image looks ok.

the “setup” of the image should be ok the way i do it.
i create an egg-file from the image (screenresolution is 1024x768),
load it, any create an OnscreenImage:

egg-texture-cards -p 384,384 image.png -o image.egg
img = loader.loadModel('image.egg')
image = OnscreenImage(image = img,pos =(-0.5, 0, -0.49))

btw i have this problem not only with this particular image…
any ideas?

greets, kampfgnu

Could this be a problem with the bottom of the image wrapping around to the top? Be sure you have set WMClamp as the wrap mode, not the default, WMRepeat. See the caution at the bottom of the manual page Texture Wrap Modes.

For egg-texture-cards, just add the parameter ‘-wm clamp’ to solve the problem.


yeah cool that solved my problem.
thanks alot!!!