Strange Lighting Issue

I have a two story building with two torch lights in the lower front, second floor front and two more on the right side. Each Torch has two point lights making up the glow. One with fire tint and the other with white light tint. So that’s twelve lights. These lights only effect the building and the Shader is set to off for the building.

The front of the building is mixing with the lighting the way its suppose to, lower and upper, but the right side of the building is not showing any of the point lights colors against the building.

What could be causing the four light setup on the right side of the building to not show any color against the building?

There are no errors printed to the console, so everything looks as if it should be flawless.

Simple: you have too many lights. The limit is generally eight (this limit is set by your graphics card and has nothing to do with Panda).

The solution is usually to split up the region of interest between your lights. Put everything that should be illuminated by torch 1 under a common node, and then set the two lights on that node, instead of render. Do the same for the other torches.


That’s just it… My lights are not attached to Render. They are all attached to one building and they are all lighting that one building, and nothing else.

I assume you mean eight lights max (maybe) can be on any object, only.

Yes, the max is eight lights per object. You can have any number of lights in the scene as long as they are not all illuminating the same object.


This is good stuff to know. :slight_smile:

Wish I knew this before I started setting up this night scene. I’m dropping three lights on each side of the building and will center one point light between the two torches. The Fire Tinting will not look as good, because of the white light mix being gone…but oh well.

Can’t have a girl friend and keep your pocket money too. :laughing:

I just wonder if the eight light max, will drop with some graphic cards? Would some older cards allow for, lets say…6 lights?