Strange BulletBoxShape Dimensions Behavior

I was working on a text document level format and ran into this strange what i think to be bug. in the picture the text file is open on the left and this is the code to create my bulletBoxShape. I hid the model to see the bulletshape. When i use shape = BulletBoxShape(Vec3(5, 5, .5)) it creates an actual box but when i use the code below it creates a plane even though h/2 should be .5 Any ideas?

def Platform(self, x, y, z, l, w, h):
        node = BulletRigidBodyNode('Box')
        np = render.attachNewNode(node)
        np.setPos(x, y, z)

        shape = BulletBoxShape(Vec3(l / 2, w / 2, h / 2)) <~~~~~
        model = Cube(l, w, h)
        model.setPos(0 - (l / 2), 0 - (w / 2), 0 - (h / 2))


        #bullet world

If you divide two integers, you will get an integer as a result. Use a float instead.
1 / 2 = 0
1 / float(2) = 0.5

derp lol xD thanks for the fast reply :smiley: