Still receive MouseOver events after disabling DirectButton?


I have a DirectButton for which I want to display tooltips.

I do this by monitoring the WITHIN/WITHOUT events of the DirectButton.
If the mouse is over the button, I display my tooltip.

Now, I’d also like to be able to display the tooltip if the button was disabled.
Unfortunately Panda doesn’t send the events once the button was disabled.

Is there a simple way of still getting the mouse over notifications, even if the button was disabled?



Perhaps, instead of disabling the button, you can sneakily replace it with a DirectLabel that looks like the same thing?


Hmm, I always used ENTER/EXIT…
What is excactly the difference?

The difference is nested gui items. If there is a gui item within your button’s frame, then when the mouse moves over that nested gui item, you will get a “exit” event but not a “without” event.

That is, “enter/exit” tracks the topmost single gui item the mouse is over. “within/without” tracks the entire set of gui items whose rectangular region your mouse is within.


Thanks Dave,

I’ll do something along these lines…