Still have collision problems... Sorry.

Good day, Can someone please help me with the collisions?
I am still very very new to panda, and now I am studying the “Roaming Ralph” example.
I have a problem creating the collision terrain:
At a place on the terrain I had created, I placed a simple box as a “bridge” and for some reason Ralph does not want to move while being on it.
I uncomented the lines that were to show me the collision ray and the collisions accuring, and as far as I see the engine detects my mesh, but does not want to take it into concideration.
Does that mean that it accepts only faces and not simple meshes (cubes, spheres, cylinders ext.) or I have to make my bidge with larger amount of faces?
I am really stuck, can someone please help me?
Thank you for your attention!

As far as I know, in Roaming Ralph it is coded that Ralph can move only when his collision ray hits the “terrain”. If it hits something else (a tree or a stone, for example), Ralph doesn’t move. So, your cube must be called “terrain” if you want Ralph to walk on it, or modify the code so that uses “box” (or what is its name) instead of “terrain”. Is it the answer?

Thank you, it worked, I will be more attentive next time.
Oh and I have a question: if I make a big mistake, is it possible to download a copy of Ralph from somewhere?

Anyways, Thanks for attention and help!

I have made a simple Roaming Ralph modification and posted it on forum:
There is a download link there (at the end of the thread), and the archive contains punzipped ralph.egg.
PS: This thread should go under Scripting Issues, right? :wink: