Stereo Texture

I’m trying to use the new Stereo/Multiview Texture feature of Panda3D 1.8.0.
I used this code and set red-blue-stereo #t but I always get an error.

LoaderOptions options;
PT(Texture) tex = TexturePool::load_texture("videos/test #.wmv", 0, false, options);

Error message:

:movies(error): Could not open videos/test 0.wmv
:gobj(error): Texture "videos/test #.wmv" cannot be read.

At first I thought it was because of the video texture but an image doesn’t work either. Loading the “test 0.wmv” as a normal texture works fine.
Do I have to enable another setting or mode for this to work?
(I’m using Panda3D devel 2011.11.29-397 on Windows 7 64-bit)

Hmm, that code works fine for me. I assume you also have a file named “videos/test 1.wmv” that has the same X and Y size as your “videos/test 0.wmv” file?

Does it work if you give the full path to your videos directory instead of just “videos”? Maybe it’s not successfully seeking along the model path.


Ok, I’m sorry it was my mistake. I have to copy the videos folder to the location of my main.cpp file for compiling. When I then launch it via the executable, it works no matter where the files are located.

Just another question. Does the automatic stereo texture also work for a setup with a stereo lens with SC-left and SC-right and two DisplayRegions with stereo channels?

Yes, that should work.


Awesome, that’s a really nice feature saving me some work, thanks for implementing.
I’ll keep this thread open to ask here when I run into problems with the stereo channel setup if that’s ok.