Stereo rendering

Hey guys,

I was just wondering if Panda supports stereo rendering and in what ways(quad buffering in OpenGL hopefully?). I noticed the ShowBase makeCamera call takes a stereo flag and I was hoping Panda can render in stereo.

I was also wondering if Panda has any support for realtime motion tracking through the Vicon system.


The short answer is, add:

framebuffer-stereo 1

to your Config.prc file to open a quadbuffer OpenGL window (if your driver supports it). You can also configure parameters such as:

default-iod 0.2
default-converge 25.0

to configure the interocular distance and convergence distance of your left and right lenses.

Of course you have a lot more control over the individual left and right images if you want to get into it.

I don’t know anything about the Vicon system. If you can get the motion data into Python, you can feed it to Panda. Also, if it hooks up to VRPN, it can be used directly with Panda.