Steering wheel support


I am trying to create a car game.
I have try pygame with a PS3 controller and it’s working well.
Now I want to know if pygame supports the steering wheels.

I have not seen a list of compatible devices on pygame’s site.

I’ll probably buy the Logitech G27 ( … vices/5184) is compatible?

If not, are there another module like pygame compatible with Panda3D? perhaps with a force feedback management?

thank you in advance.

good day

Anyone know a compatible steering wheels with pygame ?

No one? :cry:

Do you know if it’s possible to use library coded in C ++ or Java using Panda3D in python?

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I guess no one has played with steering wheels before, but I imagine a typical steering wheel would produce standard joystick-style data which can be read by pygame.

It’s certainly possible to use a C++ library with Python, but you may have to write the interface layer for it if there isn’t one already. I don’t know about Java; that sounds harder.


Thank you for the reply :slight_smile:. I’ll try to find a c++ library.

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